Numerous scholarship opportunities are available to our students through institutional, public or private sponsorships.

"Opening Doors To Environmental Careers"


National security and global competitions are creating new forces in the educational pathways for a well-trained workforce. The new workforce makes demand on multiple skills, requiring industry participation so research products will advance entrepreneurship that lead to commercialization and technology transfer.


The Scholars-In-Residence Program


The Scholars-in-Residence Program established by the School of the Environment creates a platform to examine the resources needed to sustain the EnergyWaterFoodNexus, that is, solutions that simultaneously address all three areas of sustainable energy, water and food security.

The program provides eligible students with scholarship and mentorship opportunities and  prepares them to be competitive in applying for internships, scholarships, graduate school, and in their chosen careers, that will contribute to the building of a well-trained workforce ready to solve the environmental issues of tomorrow.

This scholarship is available solely to current and prospective SOE students. To learn more about SIR contact the SOE Office at: (850) 599-3550.


Additional Scholarship Opportunities

External Types of Financial Aid


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