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Our Alumni Are Making Real World Changes!

Find our what our fantastic former students have been up to!

Huan C

Huan Chen, M.S., Ph.D.

For the past nine years, Dr.Chen has worked as an analytical chemist at the Ion Cyclotron User Facility, applying advanced analytical techniques to analyze complex environmental systems...Read More! 
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Nastasha White, Ph.D.

From 2007-2018, Dr. White worked as an Environmental Scientist with the NOAA National Ocean Service where she studied the impacts of environmental contaminants...Read More! 
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Make a Contribution to Sustainability!

 Let us all be “Champions for a Sustainable Environment."
Let us all be “Champions for a Sustainable Environment."

Each year, thousands of college students in America drop out with the most common reason involving financial concerns. Many higher education institutions struggle to keep their students enrolled while simultaneously dealing with budget cuts. As a result, support to the FAMU’s School of the Environment (SoE) Emergency Student Support Fund is needed to help meet the needs of our students.